Business Records Checks

Despite HMRC announcing that they would report on the outcome of the Business Records Check consultation on 31 March, the first letters being issued by HMRC, trying to arrange a meeting to carry out a Business Records Check (BRC) have been seen.


The consultation stated that the BRC programme would start in Autumn of this year with 50,000 Checks per year being carried out. However, two letters dated 21 March 2011 have been seen which clearly relate to the BRC programme.


Our sources at one HMRC office have advised that there are 4-5 offices issuing the letters, including Blackburn and Plymouth, and that taxpayers from specific geographical locations are being targeted. Areas mentioned initially include Sheffield, Oxford, Swindon, Stockport and Scotland. Based on the information we have received, we understand that at least 1,500 letters could have been issued.