Management support

Do you feel frustrated that the information you receive from your accounting system is either not in the form that you can understand or does not give you the facts that you require?

Not only this but you pay a high cost for staff without getting a proper return on your investment. We can help by taking on the role of your own "management accountant". Our systems will take your basic data from the level you decide and convert it into meaningful reports. These may be in the form of charts, comparable ratios or even numbers.

We will present these to you with a commentary highlighting those areas which we feel you should address if there are potential problems or in which are doing well but should not be neglected.

Regular meetings away from the pressure of the office will enable you to discuss your business's progress and how it can be improved. These are some of reports that we can provide:

  • Monthly/cumulative to date profit & loss account
  • Monthly balance sheets
  • Budget and cash flow projections
  • Key performance indicators (KPI's)

If you feel that your business would benefit from better management information call us now to discuss how we can help at either our Richmond or our Windsor office.